SuperLauncher breaks boundaries for investors looking to seed projects across blockchains. Live on BSC, and soon to be available on Avalanche and Cardano.
SuperLauncher smart contracts have been audited by Solidity Finance and QuillAudits. Solidity Finance was engaged as SuperLauncher's first auditor, primarily because of their experience auditing other decentralized LaunchPads. The team was professional and worked closely with the technology birds to pour through the code. No Security Issues were identified in the audit. The Solidity Finance report clearly outlines the features and functionality of the SuperLauncher Smart Contract. Solidity Finance also audited SuperLauncher's farming and staking contracts. You may read more about it in the campaign, farms, staking reports.
QuillAudits was engaged as SuperLauncher's second auditor, primarily to audit SuperLauncher's campaign creation contract, and the vesting contract, which is designed to assist projects and investors with scheduled token releases. The QuillAudits team found no high or medium-level security issues, and all low-level issues were fixed by the SuperLauncher team. QuillAudits commended the SuperLauncher team's code, of being high in quality. You may read more about it in the audit report
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