For Projects

SuperLauncher assists projects with secure token sales, team and investor vesting, listing, liquidity locks, and multi-sig implementations. In certain cases, we can also facilitate private sales, and hold the raised funds under multi-sig until the project decides to list (in the interest of investors) The average amount of time it takes to launch a project is 1 week. The steps look like this:

1. Project Due Diligence

We perform due diligence on all projects that approach us or are referred to us. We look at things like commercial readiness, technology roadmap, valuation and token metrics, marketing story and PR reach, and impact on SuperLauncher's image. For projects that are keen, please apply directly though our website, and then contact us over Telegram. This step will include us going through your material and scheduling calls to discuss the technicalities.

2. Finalize Campaign Details

Once we determine that the project is a good fit for our investors, we can finalize the campaign details, which include raise amounts, features like multi-sigs, scheduled team and investor vesting and listing plus liquidity locks. At the same time, we start to execute the marketing roadmap and begin whitelisting leading up to the sale.

3. Campaign Features

a. Allow whitelisted and/or public campaigns b. Set geographical restrictions c. Set ‘Softcaps’ and ‘Hardcaps’ d. Set ‘Min’ and ‘Max’ subscription amounts e. Cancel and refund an unsuccessful campaign f. Track user purchase through smart contract events g. Team and Investor Vesting Schedules h. Multi-Sig Arrangements i. Listing on PancakeSwap f. Liquidity locks