For Projects

SuperLauncher breaks boundaries for investors looking to seed projects across blockchains. Live on BSC, and soon to be available on Avalanche and Cardano.

SuperLauncher facilitates secure, flexible, and customised token sales for projects. Projects can access a range of IDO Types and utilise campaign features to customise their campaigns. Projects also have the option to set up liquidity mining schemes once listed. The SuperLauncher team will set up and run all campaigns, keeping it hands-free for the projects.

Secure by Design

Our smart contracts are fully audited and have been carefully designed so that in all situations, the raised BNB and tokens reside securely in the smart contract. Under no conditions will the Admin or Campaign owner be able to transfer the tokens. The only conditions under which is that the BNB or tokens can be transferred are:

1. Successful IDO (met soft-cap). 2. Failed IDO or Cancelled IDO.

In both situations, the BNB/tokens are sent or returned to the rightful owners/users. In other words, no Admin cannot take investors funds or project's tokens.