IDO Types
SuperLauncher breaks boundaries for investors looking to seed projects across blockchains. Live on BSC, and soon to be available on Avalanche and Cardano.
    SuperLauncher IDO
This IDO is exclusive to $LAUNCH stakers. Projects will have to go through SuperLauncher's due diligence process, which is driven by the core team. This is useful for projects that require more complex and customised fundraising types like multi-pad raises and cross-chain IDOs. SuperLauncher will also expose its network and present marketing, listing, partnership, and investment options to projects in this category. 2. Private IDO
This IDO type is exclusive to the project's whitelist. SuperLauncher will provide a fully managed solution under a private IDO Link, eg. ( and allow you to run a private and customised campaign for your investors. SuperLauncher will offer a range of listing venues, expose all campaign features and assist with token locks and vesting.
3. PlayGround (Community Driven) This IDO is exclusive to $LAUNCH stakers. PlayGround gives projects an opportunity to pitch to the SuperLauncher DAO and harnesses the SuperLauncher DAO to collectively evaluate and invest in projects of their choice. Projects that apply for PlayGround will acquire users and raise capital from the SuperLauncher DAO through an interactive, secure, and flexible process. There will be a community screening process and a 48 hour voting period. Learn more here.
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