Stake & Earn

SuperLauncher breaks boundaries for investors looking to seed projects across blockchains. Live on BSC, and soon to be available on Avalanche and Cardano.

Summary of the Stake & Earn Module

Since going live with our Dao Staking Module on 29 May, more than 3M LAUNCH holdings have been staked, representing 75% of the circulating supply! Here’s a recap on the benefits of staking LAUNCH.

Staking automatically enrolls birdies into IDO whitelists, enables IDO subscription, gives them Voting Rights, pays Dividends and allows them to earn precious Super Eggs which can be used in SuperLauncher V2, slated for release in Q3 2021.

1. Staking LAUNCH gets you svLAUNCH which is required for Whitelisting and IDO participation.

  1. 1 LAUNCH = 1svLAUNCH

  2. A Snapshot will be taken 24 hours before the IDO and birdies who have more than 100 svLAUNCH at the time of snapshot would automatically be whitelisted for IDOs.

  3. svLAUNCH is non-transferrable, which will prevent bad birdies from gaming the IDO

  4. Unstaking LAUNCH has a 7-day cool-down period to safeguard against fickle birdies

  5. The requirement for Strategic, Armada, and Rocket Tiers will be 10k, 6k, 100 svLAUNCH respectively.

2. svLAUNCH gives Birdies Proposal and Voting Rights

  1. If birdies hold svLAUNCH, they are given proposer or voting rights.

  2. If you are a birdie who likes to take the lead and make any proposals for the benefit of the SuperLauncher protocol, you must hold a minimum 50,000 svLAUNCH.

  3. If you are a birdie who prefers participating and would like to vote on protocol matters, you may hold any number of svLAUNCH. Every svLAUNCH counts as 1 vote.

  4. For the PlayGround, only voting rights apply as the projects will apply directly to the SuperLauncher website, and the community can vote after going through an AMA with them.

3. svLAUNCH pays Dividends

  1. The dividends that are distributed will depend on the net revenue earned by SuperLauncher from hosting services.

  2. Each time SuperLauncher declares a dividend, you will be able to claim it from

  3. Your Dividends = (Your Stake/Total Staked)* Dividends Distributed

4. Holding svLAUNCH allows you to earn SUPER EGG.

  1. SUPER EGG is a BEP-20 loyalty token with a Maximum Supply of 365,000.

  2. SUPER EGG can only be earned if you hold svLAUNCH

  3. 200 SUPER EGG will be released daily for 5 years and shared among staker birds.

  4. Daily Super Egg Earnt = (Your Amount Staked / Total Amount Staked) * 200

  5. SUPER EGG can be used for a number of things in V2 which include

  6. Additional Allocation: Burn SUPER EGG to subscribe up to 0.5% of the IDO

  7. Priority Fill: Burn SUPER EGG to get priority fills on your additional allocation

  8. Purchase Badges and Skills (NFTs): Used to boost IDO stats temporarily or permanently. These NFTs can be purchased from the marketplace.

5. What does this mean for the value of SUPER EGG?

  1. SUPER EGG is designed to give you an edge as an investor birdie in SuperLauncher V2.

  2. SUPER EGG is a tokenized representation of additional allocation, priority fills, temporary or permanent skill upgrades.

  3. SUPER EGG is currently illiquid and can be traded on PCS once SuperLauncher V2 is launched

  4. SUPER EGG’s value will fluctuate from IDO to IDO, as it will factor in the IDO’s future value

How does all of this tie in with SuperLauncher V2, slated for release in Q3 2021?

In SuperLauncher V2, we will:

6. Abolish the Tier System and Introduce Guaranteed Allocations

  1. All birdies who stake more than 100 LAUNCH will receive a guaranteed allocation, proportional to their holdings. In the event the allocation is too small, the birdie will be moved to the lottery bucket.

  2. Those with more than 10,000 LAUNCH will be considered as 10,000 LAUNCH to prevent whale clustering.

  3. To continue incentivizing birdies to hold more than 10,000 LAUNCH, the Staking Module emits SUPER EGG proportional to stake amount, which can be used for additional allocation, priority fills, and temporary and permanent skill upgrades in SuperLauncher V2.

7. Eliminate Whitelists, FCFS and Tiny Allocations

  1. No more google forms, birdies. Stake LAUNCH, and with svLAUNCH, you are in.

  2. The Staking Module will snapshot all stakers 72 hours before the IDO date and all birdies will know exactly how much guaranteed allocation they are entitled to

  3. Birdies can start subscribing to the IDO 72 hours before the IDO starts and continue subscribing up till the IDO.

  4. Birdies can burn SUPER EGG to get additional allocations and priority fills

  5. Birdies can burn SUPER EGG to get temporary or permanent skill upgrades