Tiers and Whitelists
SuperLauncher breaks boundaries for investors looking to seed projects across blockchains. Live on BSC, and soon to be available on Avalanche and Cardano.
    Birdies must stake LAUNCH to participate in IDOs (1 LAUNCH = 1 svLAUNCH)
    Whitelisting happens automatically based on the addresses that have staked. If you don't stake, you won't be whitelisted for the IDO.
    SuperLauncher has 3 Tiers.
    Sales format is First Come First Serve (FCFS).
    Tiers and Sales format will change in SuperLauncher V2 (Est. Q3 2021)
    Past 5 projects have done 10x, 20x, 8x, 6x, 11x ATH.

Strategic - 10,000 svLAUNCH

The Strategic Tier is the amount of LAUNCH that would get you the highest amount of allocation in SuperLauncher V2, due for release in Q3, 2021. In SuperLauncher V1, Strategic would get you the same allocations as Armada.

Armada Tier - 6,000 svLAUNCH

The Armada Tier is the tier with the highest allocations in V1, and is open to all birdies. The Armada Tier has averaged an allocation of 4 BNB in the previous IDOs.

Rocket Tier - 100 svLAUNCH

The Rocket Tier is open to all birdies. If you do not want to hold an awful amount of LAUNCH, or cannot afford to, fret not, this tier was designed with you in mind. The Rocket Tier has averaged an allocation of 0.25 BNB in the previous IDOs.
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