SuperLauncher breaks boundaries for investors looking to seed projects across blockchains. Live on BSC, and soon to be available on Avalanche and Cardano.

Official Addresses:

LAUNCH (BSC): 0xb5389a679151c4b8621b1098c6e0961a3cfee8d4 LAUNCH (Avalanche): 0x86B3F23B6e90F5bbfac59b5b2661134Ef8Ffd255 svLAUNCH (BSC) : 0x8C73dC245D2626311dD28319793893460B358F3c SUPER EGG (BSC): 0xc623d9e8bf6812852a7aeded140d479095cfd941 Super Farm (LAUNCH/BNB) : 0x7F9F5F78492e0E8e73dcB471afe151110Cd028fd Super Farm (CIFI/BNB) : 0x50e4cf376b90bDfa023d580b951587F8e1f604b7 Super Farm (MRF/BNB): 0xD0577210fED61b6e9df80d6Efa628BC81482861e

Factory: 0xfB302aC805A70Ab6b043f13637DF7EFEa28D6DC9

Foundation Tokens Locked in Smart Contract

Total Locked: 1,450,000 Contract Address: 0xb5389a679151c4b8621b1098c6e0961a3cfee8d4

— — —

Previous Token Release Details

1st Foundation Token Release Date: 12 May 2021 Foundation Tokens Unlocked: 500,000

— — —

Distribution Breakdown

Team Distribution…………….. 33.33% (166,667) Operational Reserves…………. 33.33% (166,667) Community Incentives..………. 33.33% (166,667)

Holding Wallet Details

Current Holding Wallet Balance: 213,577 Holding Wallet Address: 0xEf626a664E5ca41255fa9f5A27D1A144957f1c35

Conduct of Holding Wallet Address

Put under Gnosis 3/5 multi-sig

Multi-Sig Holders

@Kanary @Pinky @Sialia @Slinky @Puffin

Future Team Token Release

9 Sep 2021: 700,000 7 Jan 2022: 750,000